Can i connect 2 screens to one pc?

Answer 1. Make sure your video card can support two outputs: Control Panel>Display2. Make sure you have either a Y-cable or two separate cables if your video card has two ports.3. You can either have an e... Read More »

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How to Connect Retractable Screens?

Many modern cellular phones come with retractable front screens that raise to reveal a keypad. This is a convenient feature but it can make screen replacement a little tricky. Even though these scr... Read More »

What is the difference between LCD screens and plasma screens?

LCD is Liquid Crystal. Uses a light that is replaceable in most.Plasma is GAS. LCD screens are better. If your going LCD, go HD. LCD (Liquid crystal displays) &Plasma screens use completely differe... Read More »

Why Inches for screens but cm for everything else?

Good question and well observed. I've got to say, I don't know the answer, only to suggest that screens are often made for the American market (because it's the biggest) and so we have to put up wi... Read More »

Uses for Radiator Screens?

The architectural plans for most newly proposed construction call for central heat and air conditioning. This is the normative standard. Nonetheless, in older construction, radiators were used as t... Read More »