Can i color&frost my hair on the same day?

Answer On One Hand: Color and FrostingMost hair is strong enough to withstand consecutive color and frost treatments; however, hair that has been previously colored, permed or otherwise damaged might sust... Read More »

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Does armpit hair and head hair grow at the same rate?

While any woman will tell u armpit hair seems to grow faster, the hair on your head grows faster so it would be longer in a month. But since it would be only a month, there would only be a tiny dif... Read More »

How to Do Bonding Hair Extensions and Hair Color in the Same Day?

If you like to color your hair and wear bonding hair extensions, but have trouble doing both techniques in the same day, here's a guide that can help you.This is only for people who are coloring th... Read More »

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Can I cut& color my hair on the same day?

You can get a haircut and color your hair in the same day. Clairol, a leading manufacturer of hair color, recommends cutting your hair before applying color. This will enhance your haircut.Source:C... Read More »