Can i claim my child if he files his own taxes?

Answer Yes, you are still allowed to claim a child as your dependent even if he files his own taxes. However, he cannot claim a personal exemption for himself on his tax return if you claim him as a depen... Read More »

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Can I claim a dependent who files taxes?

You can claim a person who meets the criteria for you to claim her as a dependent even if she files her own tax return. However, her filing status cannot be married filing jointly nor can she claim... Read More »

Who gets to claim a child on their taxes?

The parent that provides more than 50 percent of the child's support during the tax year--who is typically the custodial parent--gets to claim the child as a tax deduction. A non-custodial parent p... Read More »

Can i claim my foster child on my taxes?

A foster child can be claimed on your taxes as a dependent as long as she meets the other qualifications for being claimed as a dependent, which include being under 19 years old (or 24 if a full-ti... Read More »

Can you claim someone's child on your income taxes?

You can claim someone else's child under the age of 19 as a dependent if you provided a residence and support for more than half of the year. A student can be claimed until age 24. Qualifying relat... Read More »