Can i claim a dependent who also filed taxes?

Answer You can claim someone who has filed a tax return as a dependent if he: depends on you for half or more of his expenses; lives with you or is related to you; is a U.S. citizen or resident; does not ... Read More »

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How do I claim a spouse as a dependent on taxes?

Enter your spouse's name on line 6b of Internal Revenue Service Form 1040. In order for your spouse to qualify as a dependent, certain criteria must be met. If you are maried filing jointly, your ... Read More »

How Can I Claim My Mother As a Dependent on Taxes?

Claiming a parent as a dependent on your taxes is a common process and the rules for this are set forth by the Internal Revenue Service. In a nutshell, a parent is dependent on you for tax purposes... Read More »

How do I claim a parent as a dependent on taxes?

To claim a parent as a dependent, you will need a 1040 tax form. Write the parent's name on Form 1040 Line 6c(1). Write the parent's Social Security number on Line 6c(2). Write "Parent" on Line 6c(... Read More »

Can I claim a dependent who files taxes?

You can claim a person who meets the criteria for you to claim her as a dependent even if she files her own tax return. However, her filing status cannot be married filing jointly nor can she claim... Read More »