Can i charge my itouch on my computer ?

Answer if it works the same as the iPhone, yet. Just plug it into a usb port on your computer - make sure your computer is plugged in and turned on

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How long does it take to charge an iPod iTouch battery?

The iPod Touch battery takes approximately four hours to fully charge when depleted, according to Apple. The device also has a fast-charge feature, which means the battery charges to 80 percent in ... Read More »

My itouch won't connect to my computer and I need to delete music! Help!?

Can you transfer pictures from a nikon slr to an Itouch and be able to view them on the itouch?

yes. but you have to do it through the computer. you download the pictures from the nikon to the computer and when you have finished doing that, you have to make a folder under my pictures of the p... Read More »

My computer won't charge.?

Grilla gave a good answer but I wish he would have posted some sort of solution to this. Mine is doing the same thing