Can i change my son's name?

Answer On One Hand: You're Allowed To Change His NameProvided your son is still a minor and you are his parent or legal guardian, you may change his name, though only with the cooperation of the other par... Read More »

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Can you change your sons last name if father is not in the birth certificate?

yes you can just go to the place where you get your birth certificate and you can get it changed

When a car is titled in NC in dads name who doesn't drive could insurance be in the sons name who has an out of state drivers license?

Answer Here is how you do this. Get the insurance in the name of the owner and list the people or person who drives the car as a driver. Usually the driver can have a driver's license from anothe... Read More »

What is del boys sons full name?

Why is hulk hogans sons last name different?

Hulk Hogan's real name is Terrence Bollea. His son's last name is Bollea. Hulk Hogan is just a stage name.