Can i change my son's name?

Answer On One Hand: You're Allowed To Change His NameProvided your son is still a minor and you are his parent or legal guardian, you may change his name, though only with the cooperation of the other par... Read More »

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Can you change your sons last name if father is not in the birth certificate?

yes you can just go to the place where you get your birth certificate and you can get it changed

Red worms in sons poo?

This might be some other worms he had in his bowel, so seeing an doctor or your pediatrician was a good idea..

How many sons did Adam& Eve have?

Even though Adam and Eve had many sons and daughters, according to the Bible, the three mentioned in scripture by name are Cain, Abel and Seth. Cain and Abel were born after God sent Adam and Eve f... Read More »

Need help on sons finger?

The nail is going to come off. You can go to a doctor and have it removed, or let it come off on its own.I would suggest you soak the finger several times a day in warm epsom salt water. Apply so... Read More »