Can i change my hard drive from an 80GB to say 120GB?

Answer Yes but remember if you change the drive then you will need to re-install windows qand all your software and documents. Why not add the new drive as a slave if you have a desktop then you don't hav... Read More »

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Is there much difference between 80Gb hard drive and 100GB hard drive?

How to Pre-format a 120GB Hard Drive for an Xbox 360?

The Xbox 360 is equipped with a hard drive to run the operating system and provide storage capabilities. You can replace the stock hard drive with a 120GB (gigabyte) model that will provide more st... Read More »

How to Install the Xbox 360 120GB Hard Drive?

You have an Xbox 360 and Rock Band, and you've been buying either all the DLC (downloadable content - in this case, songs) or all the DLC you like, and you've watched your free space dwindle away, ... Read More »

Will the WD Scorpio 120GB hard drive work in a ThinkPad T42?

The IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad T41 requires a 2.5-inch hard drive with an ATA connector. Because the WD Scorpio Blue 120GB drive has a Serial ATA connector, it will not work as an internal drive with thi... Read More »