Can i cancel a credit card even if i owe money on it?

Answer On One Hand: Pay Off the Balance to CancelTo cancel a credit card, the existing balance has to be paid off first. An out-of pocket cash payment is not required, however. The balance can be paid off... Read More »

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Does it hurt a credit rating to cancel a paid off credit card?

Closing a paid off credit card can lower your credit score because that card will no longer report that you are on time with your payments each month. In addition, it will increase the percentage o... Read More »

Can a credit card company cancel my card?

Credit card companies reserve the right to cancel your card due to a number of reasons, such as inactivity, repeated late payments, defaulting on payments or negative information from a credit repo... Read More »

How to Cancel an SBI Credit Card?

The SBI card is a credit card offered by the State Bank of India and GE Capital and is the largest credit card provider in India. SBI Card offers several credit tiers, including classic or basic ca... Read More »

How to Cancel a Credit Card?

Canceling a credit card is as easy as calling your credit card company and asking them to cancel your card. See Warnings on the page before canceling your card.