Can i buy antibiotics over the counter?

Answer On One Hand: Illegal to Purchase Without a PrescriptionSelling antibiotics without a prescription is illegal in the United States. This is because widespread use of antibiotics can cause bacteria t... Read More »

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Can you get antibiotics over the counter?

No, antibiotics have to be prescribed. This is to prevent the germs from acquiring antibiotics resistance.

Are there any "over the counter" antibiotics I could buy?

I dont recommended you take antibiotics without consent or approval by a doctor i don't know why you want to take antibiotics anyway. They are not something to play with they can cause problems as ... Read More »

Are there any natural antibiotics that you can buy over the counter?

Angel, Walmart has a group of $4.00 antibiotics. Call a doctor, tell him your problem. Ask for a Walmart $4.00 antibiotic.An abscess in nothing to fool with. The infection can go into your blood... Read More »

Are there any pharmacies or places that offer over the counter antibiotics for ear infections?

The Homeopathic Remedy MULLIEN OIL works wonders in ear infections without any side effects or complications and it is available over the counter at most Health and Herbs Stores. If that does not h... Read More »