Can i burn soy beans in my pellet stove?

Answer On One Hand: You Can Burn Soy BeansPellet stoves typically burn wood pellets, but some will burn soy beans as well. Some convert to burning soy beans with the touch of a button. These are also know... Read More »

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Can i burn my pellet stove all day?

Yes, you can burn a pellet stove all day. Pellet stoves require maintenance to continue burning over an extended amount of time. For example, removing ash buildup inside the stove and reloading add... Read More »

How do I Make a Leaf Pellet to Burn in a Stove?

Pellet fuel is one of the newest forms of heating fuel. It is made from organic biomass such as dried leaves pressed into a small, hard cylindrical form resembling rabbit feed. You can burn pellet ... Read More »

How do I burn wood chips in a pellet stove?

Burning Wood Chips in a Pellet StovePellet stoves are designed to burn wood pellets, which are made of compressed sawdust and wood shavings. Some manufacturers allow the burning of wood chips in th... Read More »

How do I burn pellet fuel in a wood stove?

Choosing a BasketMeasure the interior height, length and width of your wood stove or fireplace. Purchase a pellet basket already made, or contact the company of your choice to have a pellet basket ... Read More »