Can i bring spices on an airplane?

Answer According to the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) regulations, food and beverage items can be carried on if they meet the following criteria: canned or jarred, food items, which would inc... Read More »

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Can you bring spices back from Mexico to the USA?

As a general rule, packaged spices and condiments can be brought into the U.S. from Mexico, but loose spices might be confiscated. The regulations on what foods can be brought into the U.S. can be ... Read More »

Can you bring spices back from Mexico?

According the the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, you may bring spices into the United States from Mexico. You do have to declare your spices at Customs, and they may be inspected by the Food and D... Read More »

Can I bring spices or food into Belize customs?

Travelers entering Belize are allowed to bring spices and food. However, Belize customs requires travelers to declare the items. According to customs, travelers must declare ammunition and arms, me... Read More »

Can you bring an MRE on an airplane?

The Federal Aviation Administration prohibits bring more than 3 ounces of liquids onto commercial airplanes. The pressurized contents of a Meal Ready to Eat (MRE) and the liquid in the meal itself ... Read More »