Can i bring my Philippine-born child to the USA?

Answer As long either legal parent of the child is a U.S. citizen, a child born in the Philippines can claim U.S. citizenship through a Consular Report of Birth Abroad. You can apply for a U.S. passport f... Read More »

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When a child is born to a minor child age sixteen does that child have legal custody of the newborn baby?

ANSWER:Yes. Regardless of your age, you are still the mother. You will have legal custody unless those rights are terminated by the Court.

When you invite a child to spend the night whose responsibility is it to bring and pick up the child from your home?

you need to be 9 or older says the law book and the 14 year old law is bull crap they got rid of it last year

How can you find your adopted child even if you didn't know your child was born until your child is a year old and you get told your child is adopted?

Hey, moms, if you were born in the eighties, does this bring back memories?

56. If you ever owned a Rainbow Bright book or doll.57. If you ever wore stone wash jeans58. If you ever wore those little plastic barrettes with animals on them.59. If you remember the Muppets/Ses... Read More »