Can i bring home cooked items onto a domestic airline flight?

Answer You can bring home-cooked items onto a domestic airlines flight. Items that are considered liquid, aerosol or gel must be placed in a checked bag. Food items may not be gift wrapped.References:Tran... Read More »

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I am a Diabetic and I need to know if I can bring Insulin and Needles on a Domestic Flight. Can I?

^Yes you can, just bring a note from your doctor, the airlines realize that we diabetics need our insulin and have to carry it with us at all times. The site below will give you more information ... Read More »

Domestic Airline Regulations?

Business travelers who fly weekly know their way through airports and airline restrictions with true dexterity. For the rest of us, learning the ways of the sky across the U.S. requires a more cons... Read More »

How to Prepare for a Domestic Airline Trip?

Preparing for a domestic airline trip can be every bit as daunting as preparing for an international flight. In fact, simply leaving home for any amount of time---be it for a weekend or a week---ca... Read More »

Can you bring food on domestic flights?

When flying domestically, you are allowed to bring food onto the flight, however it must comply with Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations. According to the TSA, you are not allo... Read More »