Can i borrow some sugar?

Answer what? hell no! it took me 2 weeks to get that damn duct tape off my car, that's all i need, sugar in my gas tank.

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GIMME SOME SUGAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…?

Lmao what kind of sugar do u have in mind???

Pour some sugar on me?

Go to any strip club in America and you may be dissapointed to see you aren't the only one ha ha! Screw you rappers, I like my hoes dancing to Def Leppard!

How to get rid of some sugar out of your body?

Your body has a mechanism to deal with, and it stores the excess energy in fat form in your stomach area. Do exercise reuglarly, and that is the only way of getting rid of the fat.

What are some symptoms of low blood sugar?

Hey I think its Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) is a commonly perceived problem. In actuality, while some or many of the symptoms may be present, it is rarely confirmed or documented. The presence o... Read More »