Can i boot ubuntu from CD and install it, if i can't Boot XP at all?

Answer Yes you can! Ubuntu is a great (and maybe the most easiest) way to get your files back from a laptop or PC!Just download UBuntu here… and choose for a CD ... Read More »

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How do I install Ubuntu for dual boot?

SetupInstall all of the desired Microsoft Windows operating systems first. Insert a Ubuntu LiveCD into your drive and restart your computer. Continue with the installation, accepting defaults or cu... Read More »

How do i boot ubuntu from a cd?

Download the Ubuntu operating system ISO. Open your CD creating software and choose the option "Burn Disc Image." Insert the blank CD, choose the Ubuntu ISO as the file you want on the disc and cli... Read More »

How to Make Ubuntu Boot From USB?

Ubuntu, the most popular Linux distribution, is a free, comprehensive, stable and virus-free operating system. It comes with a number of software and tools, from office and games to multimedia and ... Read More »

How do I install Ubuntu 8.04 to my computer on a seperate partition but without the grub boot loader?

Have you tried Wubi? You can install Ubuntu 8.04 just by downloading Wubi. There is no need to burn a CD, just download Wubi and click the Wubi installer icon on your computer and follow the instru... Read More »