Can i boot Linux off a CD and use an external hard drive as the default drive?

Answer Yes but you would also need a boot CD every time,The bare computer only has a very basic booting system that can't recognise usb disksEasiest solution is find or buy a second hand hard disk and ins... Read More »

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How to Boot Linux From an External Hard Drive?

Linux distributions generally have a utility which allows you to create a startup disk on a USB drive, such as a USB external hard drive, so you can boot directly from the drive instead of the hard... Read More »

New external hard drive. How do I make the external my default hard drive?

Unfortunately Windows will always see an external drive as a removable drive and won't let you make it your default. However you can do certain things to make more room like move your internet cac... Read More »

How to Boot From a USB External Hard Drive?

A computer requires an operating system in order to function. The operating system resides on a hard drive that is most commonly found inside the computer. You can boot from an external USB hard dr... Read More »

How do I boot from an external hard drive?

WINDOWS XP WILL RUN YOUR WIN 2K programs and there is provision for this. Open the Program.Click properties. Click Compatibility. Select windows2000. example:C:/Program files/ eprompter epromp... Read More »