Can i be held liable for injuries sustained on these pest control workers?

Answer No problem, as the sitting magistrate I will find in your favour. The chairman of the company will be found liable and full restitution will be met. Say 2 million and 50 thou to me? As for them spi... Read More »

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Are job propects for pest control workers favorable?

On One Hand: People will Always Need Exterminators.No matter how bad the economy gets, people will always need to kill the bugs that find their way into homes, apartments, and offices. The U.S. Bur... Read More »

Who is liable for a fall sustained in a parking lot of a condo?

It's possible that the condominium association carries liability insurance. You can make your claim with the board of directors of the association, who will take it up with their insurance carrier.

Has anyone ever sustained any hand, finger injuries but are still able to use your hands ok?

i severly injured my wrist years ago and dislocated my thumb. it is fine now but sometimes it will ache due to arthritis now setting in. i just find wraps and use anti inflammatory pain killers whe... Read More »

Will renters insurance cover your own injuries sustained on your property?

If you're the renter, no. If you mean you're the property owner, if the renter was negligent and that negligence caused the your injuries, probably yes.