Question about the tattoo i want?

Answer it wouldn't be weird getting it in English.that's fine.and i actually like the quote c:answer this anyone please?;…

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How many kids do you want BQ (question for fun:-)?

1. At least 3 but no more than 72. Definitely more boys than girls, if 3 - 1g 2b, if 4 - 2g 2b, if 5 2g 3b, if 6 - 3g 3b, if 7 3g 4b3. My first daughter's mn will be Amber after my deceased sister.... Read More »

I want to change my security question?

If you have a password reset disk that you have already created, you can use the disk to recover your account in case you forget your password. If there is another administrator on the computer, yo... Read More »

Question about a tattoo i want?

Please understand that highly visible modifications like facial piercings, facial and neck and wrist/hand/forearm tattoos can affect your marketability when it comes to finding a job. Unfortunately... Read More »

What makes you want to star a question?

I star a question if it seems "fun" or just unique :] I can eat a choclate bar in about 30 seconds. LOL ! *star* I liked your question, it was unique :]