Can i adopt a baby even though I'm 9?

Answer No. dont be daft :)you'ed probbally have to ask the piminister as your ment to be 18 anway why would you like a baby there a pain in the backside

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What if your partner is 21 can he adopt a child or baby even though your not 21 yet?

Can your stepfather adopt you even though you are thirty three?

Can you adopt your partner's child even though the father is unknown?

if you are married to your partner you become the step mother or father. Talk to your partner about this

Can your friends mom adopt you even though you live in a good family?

Yes they may. But your parents have to know that you are getting adopted by your friends mom. If they say ok you may get adopted. But if they say no then you can't. I know your thinking well my par... Read More »