Can i add speakers to bose wave?

Answer The Bose Wave music systems do not have a speaker jack, so adding speakers is not possible without altering the equipment. The Bose Wave speakers are meant to be exclusive, with sound big enough to... Read More »

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Can you attach wireless speakers to the Bose Wave music system?

Yes. Plug in the wireless adapter to the two "line out" plugs on the rear of the system. The internal Bose speakers will not shut off when wireless speakers are connected.References:Bose Wave Music... Read More »

What Better Bose Wave music system or the Bose Acoustic Wave music systems as a a hifi system?

Seriously this isn't a cheap shot... Bose doesn't make hifi systems. I'm not hating on Bose, I'm just saying they're a lifestyle system. It's more about style then sound with them. To be honest,... Read More »

How to Hookup Bose 901 Speakers to the Bose Lifestyle III System?

Bose stereo systems use a proprietary speaker connection with a special plug and cable unique to the Bose line of audio products. The wires and plugs are attached permanently to the speakers and co... Read More »

Can I use Non Bose speakers with Bose speaker stands?

If its the same set up and the screw holes are aligned right. Probably not, but you can try.