Can i Run two 9 Volt Device with one single 9 volt battery?

Answer As long as you connect the devices to a high capacity battery, it should run. like since the voltage is 9v fixed, to drive the 2 devices, u have to have a high AmpHr battery. This is based on the p... Read More »

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Will a 12-volt battery run a 9-volt device?

You should never attempt to power a 9-volt device with any other type of power. Because of Ohm's Law, using a 12-volt battery for a 9-volt device will produce a current that is 33 percent higher th... Read More »

How can you run a US electric dryer that uses 240 volt 60 Hz single phase on a 240 volt 50Hz circuit in Asia?

Unfortunately, this is probably not practical. Though electric clothes dryers are made as wholly 240 volt 50Hz units - for use in Europe, Asia and elsewhere in the world - all the residential drye... Read More »

Can I replace my 3.6 volt NiMH cordless phone battery with a 3.6 volt lithium ion b?

I belive the chargers may not be compatible.. I would stay with your current battery.... NiMh and Lithium Ion are both good batteries with no memory problems..

I have 1.2 volt battery with 2500 mAh. Can i run two 1-Volt Motors with 500mAh without Problem?

Motors are rated in mA or A, not mAh. If the battery has a low internal resistance, it can run two 500 mA motors up to 2 1/2 hours.