Can i Record clips from a Web cam. I have Tryed and Failed. Anny advice, Please?

Answer Download and try VirtualDub here....

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My iPod 4 wont turn on! I tryed updating it and i think it failed mid updating.. Please help!?

This had happened to me a few times, what I did was hold the home and power button for three seconds. If you're still stuck in a "booting loop", put your iPod into recovery mode. It just means to m... Read More »

I have just failed my driving test again any advice?

Pick yourself up and try again. Practise more and don't let it affect your confidence. You will pass, it doesn't matter how many times it takes.

Why does fraps record small clips instead of the whole video?

I think it breaks it up for manageability. I don't see anywhere to change that option.

My son has failed his PUC exam. Lacks concentration. Supplementary exam in 10 days. I am nervous. Pl. ADVICE.?

Dont worry too much.. There are many many children who do not pass their exams.. Parents often feel they lack concentration, no interest to study, or he is very careless about his future etc.....Bu... Read More »