Can i Insall two drivers of two different brand of printers?

Answer Absolutely. GO FOR IT. You do have to remember when you are at the office with the printer set at that printer as DEFAULT. Then when you are at home, make sure that you select your HOME printer ... Read More »

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What brand of printers are the best?

Epson and HP is great. Never have much problems with their printers. As for Canon, I have had many problems with it. It broke down many times and I had to send it for maintenance frequently. The ty... Read More »

Who manufactures Dell brand ink-jet printers?

Dell brand ink-jet printers are manufactured by Lexmark. The two companies entered an agreement in 2002 that would allow Dell to re-brand Lexmark printers with the Dell logo. Lexmark is the second-... Read More »

Different Centrex brand names used by different providers?

SBC, QWest, Bell South, Verizon, ConTel GTE, Centel, CommonWealth to name a few.

What are the most important brand elements in the brand iPod would you please identify them and then give me a analytical explanation for why they are so unique and different from the competitors?

What are the most important functions in a iPod, which differentiate it among the other MP3 players, which were on the market before the iPod was launched back in 2001, and if possible may you expl... Read More »