Can hypothyoridism cause glaucoma?

Answer On One Hand: Hypothyroidism Is Linked to GlaucomaHypothyroidism (low thyroid) is a risk factor for glaucoma, meaning it increases a person's chances of developing glaucoma, according to the Mayo Cl... Read More »

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Can venaflaxine cause glaucoma?

On One Hand: Venlafaxine Side states venlafaxine is an anti-depressant drug that works to balance certain natural substances in the brain and improve mood. WebMD lists side effects... Read More »

Can Xanax cause glaucoma?

On One Hand: Certain Types of Glaucoma are Made Worse by XanaxAccording to RxList, Xanax can cause involuntary twitching of muscle fibers. If you have acute narrow angle glaucoma, where the fluid ... Read More »

Can brain injuries cause glaucoma?

Brain injuries can cause glaucoma. Any trauma, blow, hit or injury to the brain or head can cause traumatic glaucoma. It can occur immediately after an injury, or it may not manifest until years la... Read More »

Can high blood pressure cause glaucoma?

On One Hand: Hypertension Increases RiskHaving high blood pressure (also known as hypertension) is one of the factors that can increase a person's risk for developing glaucoma (damage to the optic ... Read More »