Can hypertension affect pregnancy?

Answer On One Hand: Chronic Hypertension Can Affect PregnancyWhen a woman has high blood pressure before becoming pregnant, it is referred to as chronic hypertension. According to the National Heart, Lung... Read More »

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Are hypertension of pregnancy and pre-eclampsia separate or related complications and why?

What are safe hypertension drugs to use during pregnancy?

AnswerAsk your doctor, my doctor prescribed methyldopa for my high blood pressure, but I am breastfeeding, not pregnant. If you have high blood pressure, your doctor will know whats best for you an... Read More »

Can pets affect a pregnancy?

Answer The most common pet to potentially affect pregnancy is a cat. They can carry toxoplasmosis which is in their feces and can be transmitted to a pregnant woman with serious adverse effects on... Read More »

Can anemia affect pregnancy?

Answer Yes, as it is an iron deficiency. Red blood cells are made with it by the body and these are important to foetal development. Remember though that too much iron is also dangerous.Maternal a... Read More »