Can hydralazine cause hypertensive crisis?

Answer Hydralazine is a drug used to treat severe hypertension. Hypertensive crisis is not one of the known side effects related to the drug. In fact, intravenous hydralazine is one of the drugs used to t... Read More »

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I want know if iam hypertensive or not?

normal blood pressure is about 120/80 however depending on your age and lifestyle, this number can vairy. If the Systolic AKA Top number is considerably higher than 120, then your chances of Hyper... Read More »

Dental Management of a Hypertensive Patient?

Offering dental care to a patient suffering from high blood pressure is a situation that must be closely monitored. Anesthesia, aspirin and even simple anxiety require proper attention and medical ... Read More »

We have an assignment asking us if an 80mg aspirin can be taken daily by a borderline hypertensive patient?

The assignment wants to know what you think, not what we think. If you want to get accurate affirmation of your opinion, do proper research, not rely on people who may have no idea.

I'm in a very embarassing crisis...?