Can husband and wife remain on auto and life insurance policies after the divorce?

Answer Answer As for the life insurance the answer is yes. For the auto the answer is maybe. If the cars are jointly titled then most likely yes as long as both or you remain in the same state. You wil... Read More »

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Must a husband in a divorce pay for his wife's health insurance?

A husband is not obligated to pay for his wife's health insurance after a divorce. She may opt to continue coverage under COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act), but she would be re... Read More »

If military husband filed for divorce which is pending and military wife has moved on and is now pregnant could wife be punished with UCMJ?

If she got pregnant by someone else before the divorce was finalised, she could be. I'm not a lawyer, and never was, but, from what I've seen, if the pregnancy occurred after divorce papers were fi... Read More »

When either a husband or wife with full coverage is killed in an auto accident are they entitled to money beyond the auto payoff?

Answer What state? Answer Of course. Medical payments are pretty standard plus it depends on who was atfault. If it was the other driver the surviving spouse could be in for quitea bit.

Is a wife entitled to part of her husband's military retirement after a divorce?

Military retirement pay is considered marital property by the U.S. government. Wives claiming military retirement benefits as part of a settlement only have one year after a divorce to do so. Wives... Read More »