Can huntington disease be treated?

Answer On One Hand: Huntington's is TreatableThe symptoms of Huntington's disease are treatable. According to the Mayo Clinic, medications can control jerky movements (tetrabenazine), outbursts and halluc... Read More »

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Is Huntington's disease preventable?

On One Hand: Parents Can Take Prevention MeasuresPeople who have inherited the gene that causes Huntington's disease can prevent passing the gene on by adopting children or by using in-vitro fertil... Read More »

What organs are affected by Huntington's Disease?

Huntington's affects the Central Nervous system- specifically, the brain.

Signs and Symptoms of Juvenile Huntington's Disease?

Juvenile Huntington's Disease is a rare disorder which shares some (but not all) of its symptoms with its adult counterpart. It can occur any time between infancy and 20 years of age. Sometimes, ch... Read More »

How is Huntington's disease passed from parent to offspring?

Huntington's disease is a genetic condition, meaning that it is inherited from parents. It is caused by a defect on the fourth chromosome that causes multiple repeats of the gene sequence CAG (cyto... Read More »