Can humans use Finaplix?

Answer On One Hand: For Veterinary Use OnlyFinaplix H is a brand-name ear-implant preparation of trenbolone, a synthetic steroid used by cattle ranchers to stimulate muscle growth in livestock. The Food a... Read More »

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Finaplix Instructions?

Finaplix-H is a medication implanted into cattle to increase the rate at which they gain weight. It also allows the cattle to absorb and retain more of the calories and nutrients in their food to i... Read More »

Do humans have a third eye?

In humans, the third eye refers to the pineal gland, an organ located in the middle of the forehead, just above the eyebrows. It has been termed the third eye due to beliefs that it is a key in the... Read More »

Why are humans so evil!?

The human race is not evil. When a whale beaches on land, do dogs, cats, horses cows run to aid it? To try to keep it alive until the next tide? No, it's humans who feel sorrow and empathy for that... Read More »

Why do humans have two ears?

The creatures from which humans evolved developed two ears, one on each side of the head. There are distinct evolutionary advantages to having two ears, and these advantages contribute to the survi... Read More »