Can humans take animal meds?

Answer While animal medications and human medications follow the same strict guidelines, not all medicine is the same. Medications made for animals may have different names and different dosages, and not ... Read More »

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How do animal growth hormones affect humans?

Animal growth hormones enable cattle to produce more milk or lean meat in less time and thus save the consumer money. The use of growth hormones is very controversial, and the Food and Drug Adminis... Read More »

Can you take meds with Iodoral?

On One Hand: Iodoral Is SafeAccording to its manufacturer, Iodoral is an iodine supplement that primarily assists the body in the production of thyroid hormones. The Federal Drug Administration doe... Read More »

Can you take meds and enlist in the US Army?

Generally no, however it does depend on the medication you are currently on. The main reason is that while in Basic Combat Training you are not allowed/authorized to be currently requiring a daily ... Read More »

Can you take pain meds while pregnant?

If you have to you can take Tylenol but all meds should be checked with your doctor first.