Can humans get staph infections from dogs?

Answer On One Hand: Staph Reacts Differently in Humans & DogsVeterinarians generally tell dog owners they cannot catch a staph infection from their dog. Although humans and dogs can carry staph bacteria,... Read More »

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Can staph infections be cured?

On One Hand: Yes they canAntibiotics are the standard protocol for treating a staph infection. They can be delivered topically, orally or intravenously according to the severity and location of the... Read More »

How can you treat staph infections?

Staphylococcus aureus is a common bacteria residing on the skin, under nails and in the nose. It usually does no harm, unless it is able to enter the bloodstream through a cut or puncture. Treatme... Read More »

How do you treat staph infections?

When a lot of people hear the phrase "staph infection," they typically think of an infection that comes from being in a hospital or something along those lines. Often times, this might be true beca... Read More »

Canine Urinary Staph Infections?

A urinary staph infection is a medical condition that is more common in dogs than cats. Dogs that have a urinary tract staph infection may not exhibit symptoms, or may have symptoms such as difficu... Read More »