Are human males attracted to female pheromones?

Answer While pheromones may be important for other species, anthropologist Dr. Stephen Juan, a regular on NBC's "Today Show," states that there is little scientific evidence to support the theory that phe... Read More »

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Why does a dog lactate?

Lactation in a dog means that a female dog's breasts fill up with milk. The three main reasons for dog breasts to produce milk are from pregnancy, false pregnancy and illness.PregnancyMilk is produ... Read More »

Is it too late to re-lactate?

Hi. It's not too late, as others have mentioned. I have successfully done this and I know at least one other person who has as well. I, too, could only get a drop or 2 after pumping at first. I... Read More »

How to Make a Mix to Help You Lactate?

A baby breastfeeding.Occasionally, women who have babies do not produce milk. There are drugs available for this which make you lactate within a few days, but many people believe that these taint t... Read More »

Is calcium lactate vegan?

On One Hand: When ManufacturedCalcium lactate is a lactic acid that is usually produced domestically. The product comes from beet sugar and hydrolyzed cornstarch instead of whey (milk) sources. Man... Read More »