Can human eye drops be used on dogs?

Answer On One Hand: Saline Eye DropsSaline is a natural product found in the eye fluids of both dogs and humans. It is essentially sterile salt water used for flushing out the eyes and eye lubrication. Hu... Read More »

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Are eye drops safe for dogs?

On One Hand: Eye Drops Are PrescribedIf the dog has an eye infection, her vet can prescribe an eye drop to help her recover and regain full health. The infection can be viral or bacterial. The eye ... Read More »

How to Put Ear Drops in Small Dogs?

Ear drops in dogs most often are used to treat infections, get rid of mites or clean the ear canal. As the name suggests, the liquid medication goes directly into the ears of the dog. Putting ear d... Read More »

Antibiotic Eye Drops for Dogs?

If a dog owner notices his dog's eyes bulge, appear red or cloudy, tear or have a discharge, a veterinarian should evaluate the dog for a possible eye infection. A vet should confirm the problem st... Read More »

How do I Use Sodium Cromoglycate Eye Drops on Dogs?

Sodium cromoglycate drops are used to relieve allergies and hay fever-like symptoms. Veterinarians can prescribe special sodium cromoglycate drops for dogs that are experiencing allergies. Administ... Read More »