Can hpv go away by itself?

Answer According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, HPV can be cleared by your immune system within two years of infection. This may happen in up to 90 percent of cases.Source:Centers for ... Read More »

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Can pink eye go away by itself Is it harmful to leave it without treatment?

Just go to the pharmacist and get some eye drops specifically for pink (red) eye. No prescription needed for the stuff on the shelves. I got a container about 2 weeks ago. It cost about $7. It work... Read More »

Mouse moving by itself. I move it a little then it goes to the right by itself. Really annoying.?

Defective mouse. You have to change it. Moving fast can be changed in the setting, but moving by itself means there's something wrong with the sensor of your mouse already.

What consumer goods cause radio interference of garage door openers openers in the neighborhood do not work unless they are about a foot away from the opener itself not near a military base?

openers that work at 390MHz can be effected from a new radio system the military is putting into service at distances of 50miles or more. The frequency has been allotted to the military since the 5... Read More »

They've invented a vacuum sweeper that sweeps by itself, why not invent a lawnmower that mows by itself?…