Can house plants grow with sea water?

Answer No. The salt in the water causes cellular damage which kills them.

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House Plants That Grow in Water?

Take the guesswork out of watering your houseplants by growing them in water instead of soil. Hydroponics --the science of growing plants in water rather than soil --can be done with a variety of h... Read More »

Do plants grow better with lake water, tap water or distilled water?

On One Hand: Distilled WaterDistilling water occurs when water is heated until it becomes vapor and is subsequently cooled. After this distillation process, all minerals and chemicals are removed f... Read More »

What plants can be grown in water For example, can I grow a plant in a cup or mug with water at my desk?

Some plants that grow especially well in water are umbrella plant, Chinese evergreen, arrowhead plant, wandering Jew, pothos, philodendron, and grape ivy. The umbrella plant, a true water plant, wi... Read More »

Do plants grow Better with tap water or filtered water?

Answer Filtered water is better for plants as it removes the chlorine and chloromides that are harmfull to the living cells of the plant. It also filters out heavy metals and many polutants that co... Read More »