Can homemade wine make you sick?

Answer Although the process of making wine typically prevents pathogenic bacteria from growing, homemade wine can cause illness if brewed in containers made with lead or other toxic materials. Additionall... Read More »

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Can I drink a bottle of white wine after ingesting a litre of red wine, or will it make me really sick?

Yes --- drinking 2 bottles of any wine (within a few hours or so) will either make you sick, or very very sleepy and maybe both.

Did I likely make anyone Sick with this homemade egg nog?

There is no way of knowing if it made anyone sick. Whenever you cook/bake anything and if you think that someone could get sick from it then do not sever it at all. It is not worth someone getting ... Read More »

Did I make any sick homemade egg nog in cooler...?

No. We usually get a little too worried about these things these days. If the egg nog was still cool when you drank it when you got home it was fine. It takes a little while for bacteria to form ev... Read More »

How to Make Homemade Wine?

Did you know that you could make your own wine at home? All it takes is four ingredients and two weeks of wait time. Here is a simple wikiHow to make homemade wine.