Can histamines cause skin problems?

Answer On One Hand: Histamines Cause Skin ProblemsHistamines cause hives, which are itchy, red, raised bumps on skin, according to Histamines cause many allergic reactions, and many rashe... Read More »

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Can medications cause skin problems?

On One Hand: Medications Can Cause Skin ProblemsMedications can lead to side effects on the skin. Medications--such as antibiotics, anti-fungal drugs and narcotic (opioid) painkillers--can cause it... Read More »

Can well water cause skin problems?

On One Hand: Dry Skin and IrritationWell water can cause excessively dry skin that can be itchy, flaky and irritated. The mineral deposits in the well water can strip the skin of its natural oils, ... Read More »

Can thyroid problems cause a skin rash?

On One Hand: Thyroid Problems May Lead to RashOne type of hyperthyroidism (high thyroid) known as Grave's disease can lead to redness and inflammation of the skin on the shins and feet, according t... Read More »

Can surgery trauma cause skin problems?

On One Hand: Post Surgical ChangesSurgeries are invasive procedures that cause some unavoidable and necessary damage to the skin. The damage is usually minimal due to the use of proper surgical tec... Read More »