Can hip replacement be done on obese patients?

Answer On One Hand: Recognized BenefitsHip replacement for an obese patient can be significant to his or her quality of life. People with a high body mass index naturally put more pressure on their joints... Read More »

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Will this procedure be done as a day case or out patients?

Cystoscopy is normally an outpatient surgical procedure. It can be done with either general anesthesia or with twilight sedation (not as deep--you're awake but should be virtually pain-free and *ve... Read More »

Would Alzhimers patients benefit from hormone replacement?

Possibly; anxiety and the memory interference affects of anxiety most people know. The article is scientifically sound. While E2 supplementation may alleviate incidences of memory loss or the accom... Read More »

When patients and family members say. "We want everything possible done."?

Your question goes to the core of the American health care debate. While Medicare will pay $200,000 for pointless treatment on an 80-year-old patient, many people die in the prime of life because ... Read More »

Wht does TMT asking it related to medical test done for heart patients.. plz reply.?

TMT - Treadmill Test -- Stress induced Electrocardiogram TMT is the most widely used test in the diagnosis of ischemic heart disease. It involves recording the 12-lead ECG before, during, and afte... Read More »