Can highschool wrestlers use creatine?

Answer Yes you can use it. its natural and you can get it from meat sources. But it wouldn't benefit you as much for I have been friends with our school football varsity team and I was in the soccer varsi... Read More »

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How many hidden wrestlers are on"Raw 2"for Xbox?

There are three hidden wrestlers for "WWE Raw 2." You can unlock each character by playing Season mode for a certain number of years: Mick Foley for five years, Ken Shamrock for seven to eight year... Read More »

How Do Sumo Wrestlers Gain Weight?

Sumo wrestling is a sport in which two wrestlers stand in a ring and attempt to push their opponent to the ground or out of the inner circle of the ring. Sumo wrestlers rely heavily on their weight... Read More »

How many hidden wrestlers are on Raw2 for Xbox?

"WWE RAW 2" for the Microsoft Xbox doesn't feature any hidden wrestlers. The game includes a roster of 64 playable wrestlers, all of which are available from the beginning of the game. You can, how... Read More »

When and how much creatine should i take?

During the loading phase I took it before and after my workout,4 hours after my workout and before I went to bed. I loaded five days 20g a day. Now I take 5g a day after I workout with my protein s... Read More »