Can high blood sugar affect breathing?

Answer On One Hand: High blood sugar can cause breathing difficultiesThe American Diabetes Association confirms that a high blood sugar level can cause labored breathing. This condition, known as hypergly... Read More »

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Can having high blood pressure affect your breathing?

On One Hand: A Severe SymptomAccording to WebMD, difficulty breathing is a symptom of extremely high blood pressure (hypertension). Because it is considered a severe symptom, WebMD also states, "If... Read More »

Does a high or low blood sugar at night affect your dreams?

I haven't noticed with highs, but I usually always have some super crazy dream right before I wake up all sweaty and clammy with a pretty low BG.

Does Cialis - ed medication affect high blood or people with high blood pressure?

First off, you would need a prescription to obtain Cialis. So, the best thing to do is consult your physician about your concerns. He or she can best assess if it would be safe for you.

Diabetes High blood sugar / low blood sugar?

Your best bet is to get hold of a glucometer and check your blood sugar when you are feeling that way. That will erase all doubts. -------------------------------------