Can herbs be used to heal minor ailments?

Answer Sure, sometimes.Keep in mind there are thousands of different types of ailments, and thousands of different kinds of herbs.Not every ailment can be helped, and not every herb is effective. Try and... Read More »

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What plants were once used as herbs to treat liver ailments?

Do you have any odd home made remedies for minor ailments?

My Dad swore by a basin of boiled onions and a knob of butter stirred in to fight a cold. Senna pods soaked over night and the juice drained and taken to cure constipation. The worst of all a bottl... Read More »

How to Use Herbs to Heal?

It's sometimes in our best interest to use Herbs instead of usual medicines[citation needed]. Never replace your regular medicine with a herbal medicine! These are suggested for quick use and for m... Read More »

Do you believe that Herbs can heal?