Can heating oil freeze outside?

Answer If you live someplace where it gets extremely cold--below -40 degrees F--then it is possible for heating oil stored outside to freeze. Ask your vendor what the "cloud point" of the oil you are purc... Read More »

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At what temperature does heating oil freeze?

The freezing point of heating oil is also called the cloud point. It's called the cloud point, because its the temperature when wax crystals begin appearing in the oil making it murky. The cloud po... Read More »

Why is smoke coming out of a heating system from the outside?

If it is white "smoke" then it is probably not smoke at all but only water vapour that is being cooled as it enters the cold air outside the house. It is nothing to worry about as long the heating ... Read More »

In a central heating unit why does heating element keep coming on when the heater is not on?

Sounds like the thermostat is set too high so the unit is calling for heat... If the thermostat is set normally then the unit has a fault. Repairing an air conditioning unit is not a Do-It-Yoursel... Read More »

My boiler isn't heating the hot water or central heating?

Sounds like what happens to me if I run out of oil before I get a fill. The cause is an airlock in the pipe between the oil tank and the boiler. It usually causes the lockout light on my boiler t... Read More »