Can heartworm medicine be bought over the counter?

Answer Many heartworm medications must be prescribed by a veterinarian but there are several different companies that make over-the-counter heartworm medication for pets. Heartgard, Revolution and Advanta... Read More »

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When was heartworm medicine invented?

After being used on soldiers with filiariasis in World War II, diethylcarbamazine became the first heartworm medication prescribed to dogs beginning in the 1950s. This was more than 100 years after... Read More »

How does heartworm medicine kill heartworms?

To kill heartworm larva, a prevention medication is given to your cat or dog, which poisons the larva and minimizes adult worms. Adult heartworms are killed with injections of Immiticide, a drug c... Read More »

What over the counter medicine can you take while pregnant?

Ask you doctor, midwife or pharmacist because they will be able to give you an accurate answer

I think i have gonorrhea,is there any drug for this that could be bought over the counter?

Sorry but you need to look up a free clinic in your area.They used to be able to give you a shot of Penicillin, but now there are strains of the disease resistant to Penicillin, Doctor will give yo... Read More »