Can heartburn cause fainting?

Answer Heartburn, I don't believe so. But what can happen is that the acid reflux feels so bad that the person hyperventilates. That could cause fainting.Hyperventilation results in an over am... Read More »

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Can cartilage piercings cause fainting?

When you get the piercing done it might, and also if you manage to get it infected or rip it off your ear. But otherwise you should be fine.

Can milk cause heartburn?

On One Hand: Yes, Calcium and Protein Increase AcidMilk contains both calcium and protein, which stimulate acid production in the stomach. Many people believe milk gets rid of heartburn, but in rea... Read More »

Can peanuts cause heartburn?

On One Hand: Salted or UnsaltedAccording to The Health Care Center, peanuts are not a known risk for heartburn sufferers. However, salted peanuts can increase the risk of getting heartburn by up to... Read More »

Can chewing gum cause heartburn?

Chewing gum is not known for causing heartburn; rather, it is being touted as an effective remedy for acid reflux. Experts such as Tim McCashland, Associate Professor of Medicine at the University ... Read More »