Can heart bypass surgery affect the memory?

Answer On One Hand: 'Fuzzy Thinking'Coronary artery bypass surgery is conducted to restore and re-route healthy blood flow around blocked arteries leading to the heart. Patients occasionally experience an... Read More »

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Is there a surgery called 5th heart bypass surgery?

There is no surgery called a 5th bypass surgery. There are three main types of heart bypass surgery: minimally invasive, traditional and off-pump. In addition to the type, a bypass surgery is also ... Read More »

Who invented heart bypass surgery?

Dr. Michael DeBakey is known for performing the very first heart bypass operation that was successful. He also established the Veterans Administration hospital system as it is today. His techniques... Read More »

Can bypass surgery restore strength to a weakened heart?

On One Hand: Blood Flow IncreasesCoronary-artery bypass surgery is done to reroute blood supply around blocked or clogged areas of coronary arteries. Ideally, strength returns to a weakened heart a... Read More »

Are patients cold after bypass heart surgery?

Patients remain cold for a short period after heart bypass surgery as their body regains warmth from a medically-induced chilling. According to the Texas Heart Institute, this is due to "Body cooli... Read More »