Can health insurance cover plastic surgery?

Answer Health insurance generally does not cover the cost of plastic surgery that is performed strictly for cosmetic reasons as in the case of a face lift. However, if there is a legitimate medical reason... Read More »

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Does health insurance cover plastic surgery?

Reconstructive plastic surgery is usually covered by health insurance companies, but cosmetic plastic surgery is not, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Health insurance often c... Read More »

Does Humana HMO health insurance cover chin surgery?

Plastic surgery on the chin is called mentoplasty. Humana insurance covers plastic surgeries that are medically necessary. If the surgery is for cosmetic reasons only, it is not likely to be covere... Read More »

If a heart condition needing surgery is discovered right before a 6 month gap in health coverage can the new insurance plan consider it a pre-existing condition and refuse to cover?

Answer Yes, the lapse must be less than 63 days. For CA Small Group Reform at see

Surgery Without Health Insurance?

For millions of Americans, living without health insurance is a reality. However, it can be difficult for a person to get the medical care they need if they don't have health insurance. An individu... Read More »