Can headphones bust your eardrums?

Answer Buy new ones.

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Do we measure bust-waist-hips or bust-waist-thighs?

Bust: Fullest circumference around your breasts and back.Waist: Narrowest circumference of your torso, usually located slightly above the belly button.Hips: Largest circumference of your butt and t... Read More »

Can you cause damage to your eardrums from listening to your Ipod?

Yes, you can. If you constantly have noise being pumped into your ears, then yeah, it's going to affect you later on in life.No one listens to that, however.

What is the easiest way to remove ear wax without harming the eardrums .?

in fact u should not remove it urself bcause Wax is natural protection for ear, it does't allow dirt particles to go inside hence prevent infection. it goes off naturally.

Why won't my macbook pro play audio through headphones or speakers When i plug headphones in the sound on the laptop cuts out but doesn't transfer to the headphones?

Tell him his favourite song is playing...or just wait till he's asleep.