Can head wraps cause wrinkles?

Answer On One Hand: Wrinkle CausesWrinkles are generally caused by aging, over exposure to sunlight and smoking. It also comes from repeated facial expressions. If you smile or furrow your brow constantly... Read More »

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How to Wrap Head Wraps, Scarves and Turbans?

Head wraps, scarves and turbans are all fashion accessories that are easy to wear and can change your overall look with just one simple, inexpensive piece of fabric. You can buy scarves and turbans... Read More »

Can a Wave Cap Cause Wrinkles?

Wave caps are popular in the maintenance of African hairstyles. With a short haircut, a wave cap is typically worn overnight to create layers of waves within the hair. These caps fit tightly and so... Read More »

How to Understand the Cause of Wrinkles?

Wrinkles, a pain to so many people all around the world. Once a sign of ageing, and now a sign of laughter, frowning and bad lifestyle choices. Wrinkles are causing so many people to spend so much ... Read More »

Does makeup cause wrinkles?

Although makeup itself does not cause wrinkles, when women wash their faces with tap water before applying makeup, the heavy metals in the water may contribute to causing wrinkles. When makeup is n... Read More »