Can head injury stitches get wet?

Answer Yes, only if u run them under water e.g. swimming,bath,shower etc.

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If someone is bleeding a lot, but will require stitches to the injury, should I offer them water?

Forehead Injury: I got 2 stitches. I've pain radiating from the wound site. Should I take CT Scan?

Normal wound pain. I'm guessing they numbed you up for the stitches and now the local anesthetic is wearing off.Things to watch for which would prompt you to go back for a CT are dizziness, blurred... Read More »

Can you shower after you had a minor head injury head bump?

If you have any dressings on a wound, you'd want to keep them dry. If you're dizzy, this is a bad idea. Otherwise, sure -- go for it.

Stitches on the head Just wonering a few things?

for the first question yes if you hit your head any time you could go into a coma.on the shaving head thing no you only have to shave where you got the stitches and some hair around it.It just real... Read More »