Can hdmi convert to component video?

Answer You cannot convert one to the other. HDMI is digital, and has built-in Digital Rights Management (copy protection). Component is analog and has no protection. Some upper model surround receivers ca... Read More »

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Can I convert HDMI to Component video?

No it will not work.HDMI is digital and has a lot of copy protection built in. You cannot simply convert from HDMI to analog component.The 'cables' that exist only work from say your personal camco... Read More »

How to Convert HDMI to Component Video?

HDMI cables transmit both high-definition digital audio and video signal in a single cable. Component cables consist of three analog composite cables, and only carry a video signal. If you have an ... Read More »

Composite, s-video, component and HDMI, DVI, VGA, S-video, coax...?

HDMI (Sends sound & video together... best for HDTV)All else is Video Only.DVI & VGA if normally on computer monitors... if you're sending video from your computer.For video from DVD Players and ot... Read More »

How to Convert a HDTV Component Input to HDMI?

The component input on a high-definition television (HDTV) uses a standard RGB component cable for transmitting a video signal to the TV. The red, green and blue plugs on the end of the cable conne... Read More »